How We Spent A Frugal Summer

How We Spent A Frugal Summer

The last couple of weeks before the kids go back to school always have me a bit wistful.

The days are already getting shorter. The weather is getting cooler.  There’s the thrill of new school supplies coupled with a nostalgia for our summer.

After a winter full of repairs and projects, we opted to keep our summer low-key and frugal.  The low-cost summer didn’t make it any less enjoyable. Read more…

Which Is Better: Cash or Credit?

Which is Better: Cash or Credit?

When the financial experts talk about getting out of debt and staying out, they often talk about cutting up the credit cards for good.   They talk about only buying things with cash. They talk about the envelope system for budgeting and how to reserve hotel rooms and rental cars without a credit card. And then […]