The Importance of Seeing Your Hard Work Pay Off

The Importance of Seeing Your Hard Work Pay Off

It was a yucky fall day.  We’d had a series of car repairs, house repairs, and doctor bills.  Extra money I “found” in our budget was consumed by rising grocery prices and a utility rate hike.

We were feeling discouraged. It felt like we were never going to get ahead.

And then I took a look at our annual credit report and our most recent bank statements.  In that report, I saw all of the debt we had paid off.  In the bank statements, I saw that those balances were slowly climbing. We still had a long way to go to reach our goals, but seeing our progress encouraged us.  Even though we felt stuck, we were moving – albeit ever so slowly – in the right direction.

That day reminded me of the importance of seeing your hard work pay off.  We need to see that we our efforts are not futile.  We need to know that the things we are doing are making a difference.

I’ve often said that the little things we do with our money can add up to big things.  But what if there was a way that we could actually see that happen? Read more…