10 Lessons I Learned from My Grandparents

Today is National Grandparents Day – a day to honor our parents’ parents.  Some may dare to call it another “Hallmark holiday.”

My grandparents have been gone for awhile now, but I still miss them.  Days like this remind me of how lucky I was to have them in my life and how much I learned from them in the short time I knew them.

Here are 10 lessons I learned from my grandparents:

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1) Work Hard.  Nothing good ever got done without a little elbow grease!  As much as I enjoy my “coffee breaks,” there’s nothing like finishing a challenging task well.

2) Read and write. A lot. All of my grandparents were well-read.  They were great story-tellers and encouraged me to write.  I wouldn’t be blogging right now if it weren’t for the love of the written word they instilled in me at an early age.

3) Reduce, reuse, recycle.  I must admit, I don’t always wash out my Ziploc bags, but I do try to repurpose things whenever I can.  And I’ve been known to re-gift a thing or two.

4) Hang those clothes out to dry.  My grandmother always blamed her “overheating dryer,” but in reality, I think she just truly loved being out in the bright sunshine listening to the birds and the wind in the trees.  I love the way clean laundry smells on the line and how it saves energy.

5) Learn to cook.  If you can read a recipe, you can cook.  Making something good to eat for someone creates a special bond with them.  I will always remember sharing good food with my grandparents.

6) Value an education. College is important, but it’s not the only way to get an education.  Never stop learning.  Question everything.

7) Don’t judge appearances. The guy in the ratty plaid shirt and worn khaki pants just may have more money in the bank than the well-dressed woman with the giant rock on her ring finger.  Learn to get to know people for who they really are.  Kindness to animals is usually a pretty good indicator of a good person.

8) Pay yourself first.  Always set aside some money in your bank account from every paycheck.  Even if it’s just $20.  You’ll feel so much more prepared when the unexpected happens. (And it always does.)

9) Know when to splurge.  All work and no play doesn’t make for much fun.  Get out and enjoy the world now and then.  Go out to dinner or buy the upgrade. If you’ve saved for a rainy day, you need to enjoy the sunshine, too!

10). Be generous with your time, money, and love.  It will come back to  you in more ways than  you can imagine.

Happy Grandparents Day!  May you always appreciate the lessons you learn from your grandparents!

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Christina is a wife and mother dedicated to figuring out how to live a simpler, happier life on a budget.

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