11 Free Kids Show Downloads on iTunes

Note:  This offer is no longer available. Check out our other freebies for kids.

I don’t even remember how my parents entertained me at restaurants and on long car trips when I was a kid.

Or maybe we just didn’t go anywhere when I was a kid?

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Anyway, LeeAnn at Mommy’s Wish List shared an awesome list of 11 free kids shows you can download for free at iTunes.

Here’s the list:

These would be great additions to your iPhone, iPod, or your computer for those moments when you just, you know… need a moment.

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  1. says

    We mostly didn’t go to restaurants when I was a kid. Or, at Burger King, the crown was the entertainment. Car trips? Singing and the license plate game.

    Thanks for these links — I’m in the process of downloading a few of them.

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