9 Project Ideas for the Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo

If you have a Silhouette Cameo (or similar), then it is probably safe for me to assume you are a crafty sort.

Please note, I am not going to say that you should buy a Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool because it will save you money. It really is a tool to create things yourself, so consider it more of a hobby purchase than a frugal purchase.  Consider that a disclaimer.

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If you DO already have one, then you might as well maximize your purchase and get some use of it, right?  Right.

Here are some Silhouette Cameo Projects I recently did:


Decorate a windowI cut vinyl to replicate my favorite welcome mat, which was beyond falling apart.  It makes me happy (if I ignore the water spots).

Dress up a door knockerWhen we painted the front door, we also painted the door knocker.  I used the Silhouette to add our name to the door knocker.

Create fun wall artEmbellish a storage toteI cut templates to stencil canvases and canvas holders for my youngest’s new superhero bedroom.  To create the canvases, I used acrylic artist paint and to paint the holders, I used fabric paint (inspired by WhipperBerry).


Labeled coastersThe coasters that keep our glasses sorted out were treated to custom labels.

Create adorable labled jarsOur homemade bath supplies also saw an upgrade with labels to identify the purpose of each type.

Personalize your stuffThe kids have their toothbrushing supplies at hand in these cute containers.  These were inspired by WhipperBerry.

Label drawers for easy organizationMy husband complained that for all my organization, he did not know where to find the tape refill.  Boom – drawer labels.

Even the mundane can look fabulousEven the dish soap saw an upgrade, inspired by Lil Blue Boo.

I have found lots of great uses for the Silhouette – from the kids’ school projects to home decor projects to invitations to thank your and, of course, labeling projects.  And I am not even very skilled at using it!

If you subscribe to the Silhouette blog, you will be notified when each week’s new free shape of the week is available (each Tuesday) and the blog offers great tutorials on how to use your machine.  I even found the DVD useful – I just wish I would have watched it when I bought the machine!

Have fun creating!

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  1. RR says

    I know you are not suggesting anyone go out and buy one of these, but I have been interested in buying a cutting machine of sorts due to my arthritis and dominate side being week from a stroke, so what I once was able to do with scissors and blades is not happening. The one thing I liked about this machine is you don’t have to keep buying cartridges for it as it uses what you have on your computer or what you buy from the store or from any other place you can find what you want to cut. So to me that is saving money since I am going to be buying one anyway. Also, I know I can use it for many of my crafts and future craft ideas to make many gifts and accessories to save in the gift giving budget area, as well. I am one of those crafters who invests in tools that helps me create things I would otherwise be spending money on every time I made something. Example…I don’t buy stickers I make my own. I only use decorative scrapbook papers for decorating my pages, so a little goes along way, as I use white cardstock as my base for the page. Sorry, that was just my two cents input about how buying this is going to save me money on the machine itself. I am still researching machines, but so far this one is winning out. Thank you for the ideas I can use when and if I get one.

    • Michelle says

      RR – I definately like that you can buy images – usually for $.99 or less. They also have a free shape every week, so I get those each week.

      Good luck to you – I hope you find something that works well for you!

  2. Alisa says

    I was wondering…how do
    you create pictures like the one you have of superman? Had my cameo only about 2 weeks and can’t figure it all out.

    Thanks for any help.


    • says

      Alisa, The picture of Superman is a poster. I used the Silhouette to create the ka-boom! canvas next to it. I do create some of my own images, but I find in general it is easier to buy images from Silhouette. Most are just $.99, and they have a free shape every week, too. If you go to File/Purchase Online it will bring you to the site. Good luck!!

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