Another Way to Organize LEGOs

Way to Organize LEGOs

Ever since Michelle shared her ideas for organizing LEGOs, I was on a mission to get our LEGO bricks organized in a similar fashion.

For weeks, I lusted after her LEGO organizing system. I e-mailed her questions asking her about it.  I even put all the parts in my online IKEA shopping cart.

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But I just couldn’t buy it.  I love the way she organized her kids’ LEGOs, but what worked for her just didn’t work for my budget.

So I spent some time taking a good look at what I already had.  And what I had were these Closetmaid cube organizers with fabric bins that I use to store the boys’ toys.  I knew that if I could find a suitable system that fit within those cubes that it would work.

Testing Out a Way to Organize LEGOs

First, I broke the news to the boys that we were going to merge all the LEGOs in the house into one shareable cache.  At first they were a bit territorial, but I explained that they would still retain ownership of their individual sets and that they could have one small bin to call their own.  I explained that it would be far easier to build LEGO projects if their communal stash of LEGOs was sorted by color.

We then spent a couple of hours sorting them into plastic zip-top bags.  They were actually enthusiastic about this part of the project!  It also gave me a chance to see if my theory of sorting them all out would make LEGO building more fun before I went out and spent any money on organization.

The experiment worked!  And the boys asked me everyday for a week when I was going to get bins to store them all in.

My LEGO storage solution

LEGO drawerI ended up purchasing a total of four Sterlite 3-drawer organizers.  I spent less than $40 for them.   What sold me on the Sterilite set was that each drawer can pull out completely.  That means that if my oldest wants to dig through the yellow LEGO bricks, he can pull out the entire bin and do his hunting without blocking his brothers’ access to the rest of the LEGO drawers.

We have a total of 12 drawers.  They are organized as follows:Open LEGO drawer

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown & Tan
  • People Parts
  • Windows & Doors
  • Wheels & Axles

The bins don’t fit perfectly inside the cubes, but they’re secure enough that they won’t fall out, and they look good.  The bins also have little rubber grippers to keep them from slipping.  The drawers are clear so I didn’t bother with labeling what was inside.  All of their LEGO instruction booklets are in an old plastic file bin I wasn’t using.

My boys have been using this system for a little over a month now and it’s worked really well.  They love being able to find the right parts for their projects quickly and easily and I love that my living room no longer looks like a LEGO store blew up in it.

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  1. Toni says

    Christina, I am happy to say that since Christmas, the parts of this system have been on sale and I have taken advantage of it and we are the proud owners of this organizing wonder!! Thanks for sharing and for your great ideas!

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