A New Look, Happy Holidays (And My Gift to You)

Northern Cheapskate Gets a New Look

We’ve got a new look at Northern Cheapskate! This is big news! I’m not one to change things up very often.  I think I’ve had the same haircut for about 20 years now.  Northern Cheapskate just turned 7, and I figured that I shouldn’t wait 20 years to freshen things up around here.

How to Get Free Or Cheap Calendars

How to Get Free or Cheap Calendars

A calendar can really help you stay on top of all those things you have to do in your life.  Calendars can even help you manage your money. But have you ever shopped for a calendar?  They can get pretty expensive.  You really shouldn’t make the investment when there are ways to get free or […]

Frugal Ponderings: Casinos and Christmas

Frugal Ponderings: Casinos and Christmas

So, as if being a blogger in the woods isn’t odd enough, I should tell you that my husband also has his own live radio variety show.  It’s a really fun show with sketches, stories and music that celebrates the communities of northern Minnesota. And last weekend, his show was at a casino.  Yes.  The […]