5 Fun Ways to Play with Sidewalk Chalk


Sidewalk chalk is a thrifty way to have fun outdoors. You can make your own chalk or make chalk paint. Kids think it is a lot of fun to make things like chalk that they could buy in a store. But if you’re not going to make your own, I personally  like the Crayola 48-Count […]

5 Easy Kid Projects for Mother’s Day

Easy Kid Projects for Mother's Day

One of the most meaningful ways to show a Mom you love her is to have the kids make something for her on Mother’s Day.  The challenge is finding projects that are inexpensive, not too messy, and relatively easy for little ones to do. These 5 easy kid projects for Mother’s Day are sure to […]

Easy Bunny Garland Project

Easy Bunny Garland Craft

I don’t normally do much for decorating for Easter, but this year I thought it might be fun to decorate a few things.  I wanted my decorating to blend with colors in my home and not be so Easter-y, which is how I chose the colors.

6 Crafts With Wine Corks

6 crafts with wine corks

Making crafts with items you are re-purposing is a wonderful way to save some money and cut down on waste that might have gone in the trash. One thing you can re-purpose are wine corks. These ideas for six crafts with wine corks are sure to inspire you.

10 Green Habits of Thrifty People

10 Green Habits of Thrifty People

Do you consider yourself a thrifty person? You may or may not even realize that many of your thrifty habits are actually “green” and good for the environment. Or perhaps, you are interested in becoming more green and thrifty at the same time and are looking for a place to start, well, here is how […]