Cash Diet Check-In

Cash Diet Check-In

Oh, readers. I have not been a good role model. Not at all. Putting on myself on a cash diet was going great in October and November. Then there was a little holiday called Black Friday. And one called Christmas. And another called five family birthdays in one week. I fell off the cash-only wagon […]

Hiding In My Metaphorical Closet

Closet door

My house is a ranch style home with a full basement. To get from the first floor to the basement there is a set of wooden steps under which a handy previous owner built a closet. It was a perfect place to keep the cardboard boxes I might need someday.   And, as the saying goes, […]

Find New Recipes with Gojee


I found a free app that has proven to be interesting and helpful.  It’s is called Gojee and it acts as a giant recipe database. Unlike other recipe databases where searches are conducted by the name of a dish, this app search by ingredients the user might have on hand.  It also allows searchers to […]

Starting a Cash Diet

starting a cash diet

In the last 12 months I have made some major purchases.  I bought a new snow blower, a much newer car, a new couch, finished the fence around my back yard and a reader board sign for the farm.  All of them were necessary purchases, expect for the couch.  The couch was just as too […]