Sorry You Bought TurboTax? Get H&R Block Free

H&R Block software

If you’re an early bird who already bought TurboTax 2014, you may have been unpleasantly surprised to discover that many of the forms that used to be included with the software now come with additional fees. This can mean paying an additional $20  to $40 or even more to file your tax forms on top […]

Holiday Gift Idea: $5 Magazine Subscriptions

Holiday Gift Idea: $5 Magazine Subscriptions

Sorry, this offer is no longer available. Looking for a low cost holiday gift idea? Try a magazine subscription! I love giving magazine subscriptions because you can give a thoughtful gift that will arrive again and again throughout the year without spending a lot of cash. Right now you can get a variety of really […]

Can You Save Money With Walmart’s Savings Catcher?

Can You Really Save Money With Walmart's Savings Catcher?

I’m always looking for ways to stretch my budget, so when Walmart announced it’s new Savings Catcher program, I was interested in trying it out.   The concept is simple enough:  You shop at Walmart.  You submit your receipts.  Walmart checks to see if you could have gotten those items for less someplace else, and if […]