Why A Big Sale Is No Big Deal

Why a Big Sale Is No Big Deal

For the last few summers, online retailers have offered some big sales.  They tout these big sales as “Black Friday in July” or the “Biggest Sale of the Summer.” And this past week was no different.  Amazon had its big Prime Day which offered big discounts to members of Amazon Prime.  Walmart, never one to […]

Cheap Trick: Ask the Internet

Cheap Trick Ask the Internet

I tried to use my paper shredder the other day.  It wouldn’t work.  It was plugged in, but it wouldn’t turn on.  It wouldn’t feed any paper through it.  It wouldn’t reverse.  I checked for paper jams.  There were none. The paper shredder was dead.  It surprised me because it had worked perfectly during a […]

Realizing It Is Okay To Be Different

When it comes to spending money, I'm realizing that is okay to be different. I hope more people realize it, too.

One of the biggest frustrations about being so focused on saving money is that so many people are not. It’s easy for that green-eyed jealousy monster to come out when it feels like everyone else has more toys than you. It can be very frustrating when it feels like others get to do cool stuff […]

What’s Different Now?

What's Different Now?

What’s different now? Just that one little question can open up such an emotional conversation.   Each week when I’m at Weight Watchers and someone has met a weight loss goal, my Weight Watchers leader always asks that person “What’s different now that you’ve lost the weight?” The answers vary.  Some people feel better physically.  Some […]

How to Budget With a Fluctuating Income

How To Budget With a Fluctuating Income

One of my former jobs was a 10-month position.  Each May meant that for two months I would have no income until August.  My husband was working, but as an adjunct college instructor, which meant his schedule (and income) also fluctuated.  It was a struggle to keep to a budget. My husband now has a […]