Cheap Trick: Washing Machine Drain Hose Filters

Cheap Washing Machine Drain Hose Filters

If your washing machine drain hose drains into a laundry sink, you really should make sure you filter it.

If you don’t, the lint from washing your clothing will eventually cause clogged drains.  Large amounts of lint can also cause problems for septic systems.

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You could buy expensive washing machine drain hose filters, but I’ve got a cheaper way to do the job: 

cheap washing machine drain hose filterKnee-high pantyhose!

Simply take a single knee-high nylon stocking and slide it over the washing machine drain hose.  My washing machine hose has a little clip that holds the pantyhose in place, but if yours doesn’t you could secure it with a rubber band or two.

The pantyhose allows the water to leave the hose, but filters out the lint.  When the lint build ups to the point where water can’t pass through easily, simply toss the stocking and replace it with a new one.

You can get a pair of knee-high nylon stockings for less than 35 cents at discount stores and drugstores.  Each stocking usually lasts a month or so before it needs to be replaced, but of course, it depends on how much laundry you do (and how much lint comes off your clothing!).

You can also use old pantyhose that aren’t good any longer. Just make sure they are securely attached to the laundry hose so that it doesn’t fall off and block your laundry tub drain.

By filtering your washing machine drain hose, you’ll make sure your laundry tub and septic stay in top working order.

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  1. Amy says

    Thanks for the reminder! I forgot about the pantyhose trick…perhaps it’s because I haven’t worn them in years….I will keep my eyes open for knee-highs on the cheap.

  2. Nada says

    Hi Christina,
    Thank you so much for this awesome idea.I tried it and it worked.
    God bless you for this.

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