Cheap Trick: When to Buy Gas

Cheap Trick: When to Buy GasLooking to save a little bit of money on gas? The solution may be to know when to buy gas.

Reader Sheila T. shared this money-saving tip:

Instead of buying gas for my car on Friday, I noticed that if I wait until  Monday the price of gas is lower.

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Shelia has a pretty good idea.  The prices typically go up just before weekends and before holidays. I typically find that gas is cheapest in my area on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Just watch the gas prices in your local area to see when they rise and fall.  You may find that the price drops on the day gas is delivered to your town.  Or if you live in a touristy area, you may find that prices go up during peak times to visit your area.  Once you know the patterns where you live,  you can then plan your fill-ups for the times when you will be able to get the best prices.

I also recommend using an website (or app) like GasBuddy to help you find the best prices on gas and taking advantage of any fuel loyalty reward programs offered in your area.

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    I usually purchase gas on Tuesdays. Why? My local convenience store, which also sells gas, will not only honor competitor coupons but will double them. The only catch is that you have to tell them you’d like the coupon doubled. It’s definitely worth asking about–every little bit helps!

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