Creative Halloween Crafts on the Cheap

Creative Halloween Crafts on the Cheap

I love to decorate for Halloween and have been very good and reusing my decorations from year to year and buying a couple new things to add to my collection. This year I decided on a warm fall day that I wanted to make a some Halloween decorations using only supplies we had at home.  It was the perfect day to use spray paint and so I’m going to show you how to make 5 different creative Halloween crafts using just 2 cans of spray paint (leftover from other projects) and things we had around the house.

Creative Halloween Crafts on the Cheap

Making a Halloween wreathSpooky Stick and Bat Wreath

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I had this cutesy scarecrow wreath on the front porch but it wasn’t fitting with all the other porch decorations. I wanted to amp up the spookiness, plus I figure I can swap out the spooky wreath after Halloween and put up the cute one for November. To make this Spooky Stick and Bat Wreath (pictured above) I just cut out a round wreath form from cardboard and hot glued sticks I gathered (and cut to size) from the yard around the perimeter. Then I spray painted the whole thing with black paint and glued in to place a plastic bat that I attached to a rubber band.

I also made this Creepy Feather and Eye Halloween Wreath, which is hanging in my dining room (that room and the porch are my primary Halloween decorating areas.)

Creative Halloween Craft: Ghostly Tree BranchGhostly Tree Branch

This is simply a tree branch that is spray painted black to which I hot glued on plastic white & glow in the dark skulls, skeletons, insects, bats and googly eyes. I had previously bought the plastic creepy things from the Dollar Tree and took out the things I was planning to use for another activity, so these were all leftover.

I then stuck my black branch in this large decorative vessel I have in my dining room, adding it to the grasses already it. I do have it in another location and not in front of a doorway, but it didn’t photograph as well in it’s real location.

The spray paint I used was all the cheap stuff from Lowe’s and they were leftover from other projects. It only costs a couple bucks for a can. I had most of a can of black glossy and most of a can of black matte leftover to complete all five of these projects.

If you like skeleton crafts and Halloween decorations that are white on black, then check out my Fun & Easy Skeleton Craft for Little Ones.

Creative Halloween Crafts: The Square PumpkinMaking the square pumpkin craftThe Square PumpkinSquare Pumpkin project in progress

I enlisted the help of my son in making this project. I cut off pieces of masking tape and he helped my put them over the entire pumpkin. I thought it actually looked pretty neat with just the tape square all over it and was thinking I could have achieved a similar effect if I had used black electrical tape and could have skipped the steps of spray painting the entire pumpkin and then peeling off the tape, but I didn’t know it would look so neat until I already had all the masking tape on. Oh well. Now you have this tip for yourself, or you can get the same pumpkin as I finished above by spraying and peeling.

For other projects to do with your children, try these 5 Easy Paper Plate Crafts for Kids or 5 Last-Minute Easy Halloween Projects for Little Ones.

Creative Halloween Crafts: Black PumpkinsBlack Pumpkins

These were styrofoam pumpkins that I bought last year from the Dollar Tree and let my kids decorate with peel and stick decorations, but this year I turned them in to black pumpkins. One of the pumpkins I hot glue to the top of a candlestick (I bought for a different project I have yet to complete, so for now they will be used for Halloween decorations.)

Black Paint Bottle Candle Holders
Creative Halloween Crafts: Candle HoldersI opted to go with a tiered effect with my bottles, but you could make them all the same size if you have them, just make sure the opening is the right size to push a candlestick in to.

All I did here was spray paint all of the bottles (after removing the labels) with matte black spray paint and then wrote B-O-O on them with white chalk. I decided to combine my black pumpkins and black bottle candle holders and the remaining candlesticks (deemed for another project some day) created a larger table scape (See picture below.) These were both quick projects for an adult to do.

Creative Halloween Crafts: Decorating the home

 Happy Crafty-ween!

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Jessica is a crafty stay-at-home mom of two, who tries to find ways to save money while being green. She is also the author of the blog Save Green Being Green.


  1. Alaina Bullock says

    So many cute and creative ideas! You did an amazing job, and gave me some ideas of my own! I love creating our own decorations and costumes–it is amazing how much money you can save!

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