Digital Coupons at Cub Foods Makes Saving Easier

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Digital Coupons Make Saving Easier At Cub Foods

I was having one of those days where I was pulled in 10 different directions.  I barely had time to jot down a few items on my grocery list before I headed to the store.  I certainly didn’t have time to scour the internet for coupon match-ups and deals.

Digital Coupons on the Cub Foods Mobile AppBut I still saved money thanks to the new digital coupons at Cub Foods.   I opened the free mobile app on my phone, picked “e-coupons” from the menu and clicked which coupons I wanted to use.  As I shopped, I remembered a few more things that should have been on my list and was able to find coupons for those with just a quick search of the app. Then all I had to do was show my MyCubRewards card to the cashier and enjoy the savings.  I didn’t have to clip a single coupon or even remember to bring my coupon binder.

It’s not the first time the new digital coupons at Cub Foods have helped me save.   It’s been a huge help when sending my husband to pick up a few items while he’s in town.  He appreciates saving money with coupons, but has minimal interest in tearing them out of the ads at the store.  So I had him put the Cub mobile app on his phone.  Now all I have to do is go to the Cub website (or use my smartphone) and pick the coupons to add to our MyCubRewards card.   I can even create a shopping list for him to access from his phone.  He can pick up what we need and use our MyCubRewards card to save.

I also set up a card-less id (it’s just an 11 digit number, so I used 1+ our home phone number with area code), so we can still save even if we don’t have our MyCubRewards card with us.  My husband is happy to make a quick trip to the store for me when there’s no couponing hassles, and I’m happy to get what we need at a great price!

You can see how easy it is to use the new digital coupons at Cub Foods in this short video:

If you haven’t signed up yet for a MyCubRewards card, you should.   In addition to making clipping coupons a cinch, you’ll also earn a 5 cent per gallon fuel discount at Holiday stores for every $50 you spend at Cub.  It doesn’t take long for the savings to add up!

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  1. Marta says

    We don’t have Cub where I live, but Safeway offers a similar digital discount program. It is pretty darn cool.

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