Essential Crafting Tools for DIY Decorations

Essential Crafting Tools for DIY Decorations

The following is a guest post by Kristy Lambert.

Expenses for entertaining at home can quickly add up, especially for bridal showers, birthday dinners and baby showers.

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Rather than buying extravagant decorations for the occasion, create your own at home and save on costs.

Hosting a baby shower? Fill up mason jars, large hermetic jars and tin pails with Party Pail edible favors and candies. Tie and glue polka dot or striped ribbons around jars as a decorative accent!

Visit Pinterest for more creative ideas and craft inspiration. Meanwhile, keep these crafting essentials on hand for all your projects:


Whether you have a custom work station or set up a temporary shop on the dining room table, protect your workspace. Hard plastic placemats from your local dollar store will protect your furniture from hot glue and damages. Quilted placemats will keep beads from rolling all over the place.


Every crafter should have at least two types of glue. A hot glue gun is great for quick fixes like when a tool bow falls off baby shower clothespin and onesie garland! You’ll also want to keep a basic liquid craft glue on hand. Use a clear-drying glue for anything that will be accented with glitter or delicate crafting paper. Apply it thinly, and it’ll disappear.


Craft scissors are a top priority for DIY projects. A crafting kit essential, these scissors are only used for appropriate materials. Keep one set for fabric and one for paper. For heavy-duty cutting, use a heavier pair of shears or even wire snips. Sharpen scissors for the best results and especially your safety; more people are injured because of dull blades than because of sharp ones.


Sticky back Velcro is a must-have for the intrepid crafter. Apply it to lightweight crafts and no longer worry about reinforcing it. For fabric-oriented crafts and decorations, use Velcro as the adhesive for long-term security. Velcro dots or squares might are purposeful, but remember you can easily cut the sticky backed strips into the right size and shape for your needs.


Premium paintbrushes can last for years, as long as you care for them properly. Keep a small brush for details as well as one that’s one-to-two inches in size for larger projects. Make sure that when you use brushes to apply craft glue, wash them immediately afterward in warm water. Hot water weakens the glue that secures the bristles. Also, using light detergent, such as dish soap or shampoo, can help keep brushes clean and in good condition. Shake or press excess water out. Reshape the brush before it dries.

Floral Wire

Floral wire is used in a variety of ways and comes in handy when a craft is somewhat wilted. Use wire to support a fabric bow, shape or rope design. Don’t destroy your best scissors trying to cut floral wire; use old scissors or a wire snip.

Fusible Bonding Web

Also known as stitch witchery, this type of bonding tape is excellent for fabric crafts that need a quick finished edge. Fusible bonding web also connects two layers of fabric by using an iron.

Needle and Thread

A variety of needles and threads will help you through a myriad of crafting quandaries. If you already have a selection of standard-sized sewing needles, then great! But you should also have one or two hearty, larger needles for upholstery and tougher fabrics. Similarly, one heavy-duty thread should be in your arsenal.

What items do you consider essential for creating crafts?

About the author: Kristy writes about the latest lifestyle trends from her home in Scarborough, Maine.

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