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GojeeI found a free app that has proven to be interesting and helpful.  It’s is called Gojee and it acts as a giant recipe database.

Unlike other recipe databases where searches are conducted by the name of a dish, this app search by ingredients the user might have on hand.  It also allows searchers to limit the category a recipe falls in, such as breakfast or vegan.  In addition to that, it allows the exclusion of ingredients.  (I instantly excluded asparagus)  Did I mention it is FREE?

All of the recipes come from blogs. There are more than two dozen bloggers who contribute recipes to Gojee and you can visit the sites of your favorites for even more recipes.  You can download Gojee for iPhone, iPad, or Android, or you can access it from your desktop computer.

After a user enters the search parameters, Gojee creates a group of recipes to flip through.  I think the best part may be the photos!  As a user flicks to a new recipe, a photo of the dish appears and I have yet to see a photo that is not mouthwatering!  A box containing a description of the recipe and additional ingredients that can pulled up if the picture and name look promising.  There is then a link at the bottom of the description to the blog where the recipe resides.

The user can also mark recipes that look promising through a bookmark feature.

I have used this app as a mindless activity during commercials and as a way to seek out specific meals.  I found both ways to be productive.  I have 44 recipes marked at the moment and know there will be more.  There was also a delicious tuna salad lunch at my house as a direct result of my Gojee use.

As an additional bonus, I have found a new blog I enjoy reading!  While I cannot limit my Gojee searches to a specific author, nothing stops me from reading the blog itself in a browser.

Even if you are not an adventurous cook or eater, I think this app is worth taking up space on your device.  I sometimes look at the cans in the cupboard and lumps in the freezer and think “Who bought this stuff?  There is nothing to eat here.”  Now I just ask Gojee!

Note:  Gojee didn’t pay me for this rave review.  I just really like it and thought you would too ~ Susan

About Guest Blogger Susan

Guest Blogger Susan loves work. When she isn't at her job as a school librarian she is working on her family fruit farm. She occasionally has a little fun but not if it costs too much.


  1. says

    Thank you Susan! I really liked that you shared this app with us just because you liked it! I liked what you said about “lumps in the freezer!” However unlike you, I totally LOVE asparagus! :) Thanks so much again.

  2. Susan says

    No, THANK YOU! Mary Jane! I love when people share things they found have worked well for them, it saves me the trouble of making more mistakes than i usually do. I am glad to be able to pass on alittle help here and there. This weekend I pulled up pies and handed my iPad to my dad. With very little direction he was able to use Gojee. Have fun! And please, eat as much asparagus as you can. The more you eat, the less I encounter.

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