Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects

5 Spring Dot Marker Art Projects

Perhaps you already own Dot Markers (you may also know them as bingo daubers) and you are looking for other projects beside Dot Worksheets  (if you are looking for them, just look up Dot Markers on Pinterest and you will find a ton of original worksheets to use) to use your markers on.

Or maybe this is a new craft supply I am introducing you to, in which case I will tell you that I bought my packs from Amazon but also bought single bingo daubers from the Dollar Tree as well.

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You are going to have so much fun creating the following five spring dot marker art projects with your children.

Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects

Easter Egg Decorations

Using dot markers is a fun way to color Easter eggs without all of the mess of dipping them in to colored water. The dots dry quickly and you can use an upside down egg carton as a perch for them to rest on while you color them. Don’t you just love the bright colors against the white eggs!

Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Easter Eggs

This is such an easy way to decorate Easter eggs you are going to wonder why you didn’t know about this before.

Father’s Day Craft

Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Father's Day Craft

Thinking Father’s Day Craft? I did add Happy Father’s Day to top of the paperFive Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Father's Day Craft before my son gave it to his dad.

I drew a slanted triangle on a piece of paper and told my son to make dots around the outside and fill in the center so that it looked like a bunch of grapes. Then he glued on a pipe cleaner and fake leaf. These directions were easy enough for him to follow. Finally, I had him write his name on the bottom.

Create a Rainbow

This paper plate rainbow uses the dot markers differently. Instead of making dots for the arches (which you could do), I had him push the dot marker down and drag it in an arch. You only need a half a paper plate for this craft project, so this would be great to do if you have two kids or you are having a playdate.

Then we just took 2 cotton balls and pulled them apart and glued to the bottom of the arch for clouds.

Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Make a Rainbow

What could be more spring-like than a rainbow craft!?!?!

Math Craft Project

 Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Math Craft Project

This was a fun math teaching project that I did with my son. We made Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Math Craft Project100th Day hats (my daughter’s kindergarten teacher did something similar and gave me the idea). I cut out 10 strips of paper and numbered them 1 -10. I also cut out 2 strips of construction paper length-wise to make the perimeter of the hat.

On each numbered slip of paper I had him count by 10’s as he made a dot. For example on the slip labeled 6, he counted by 10’s to 60.

I stapled all the slips to the flat perimeter then made a circle with the perimeter and stapled it. Next I took all the ends at the top of the at and brought them together and stapled them in the center.

Cinco de Mayo Sombrero

My final idea for you today is to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this spring and it is a fun and colorful sombrero.

Five Spring Dot Marker Art Projects: Cinco de Mayo Sombrero

I cut out a sombrero out of yellow construction paper and 2 strips of paper for my son to glue on. After he glued the strips on, I trimmed them so they fit the curve of the hat and did not go over.

Next I just let me son have fun and place dots all over the sombrero. I think it makes it look quite festive!

Here are a couple more ideas I have on Save Green Being Green where I used dot markers in the project:

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Paper Plate Leprechaun

Paper Plate Pirate

Happy Crafting!

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