Free Family Records Organizer

Sorry, this organizer is no longer available. Check out our “Just in Case” file system or our post on creating a family binder for more ideas on how to organize important personal information for your loved ones.

T.Rowe Price is giving away a free Family Records Organizer. The CD-ROM contains a program that lets you organize all of your important personal information in one location so that your family can access it in case of an emergency.

The interactive CD-ROM makes it easy to document important information your family needs to know such as personal info, investments, banking and credit card information, and wills and trusts. It even includes a section on what types of funeral arrangements you would prefer. You can include account numbers and passwords in your Family Records file for yourself and your spouse, or you can block out those specifics if you share the information with another relative.
The program also includes a comprehensive learning center complete with helpful videos.
This is a great tool that will help adult children with the records of their aging parents. But it is also an important tool even if you are younger. If you are injured in an accident or your home is threatened by a natural disaster, it’s important to have this crucial information in one place.
Similar programs have sold for upwards of $40. But you can get this program for free by filling out this form. I got my Family Records Organizer CD-ROM just a few days after I requested it.

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