Free Papa John’s Pizza If You Correctly Guess Super Bowl Coin Toss

Free Papa John's Pizza if you correctly guess coin tossGet a free large one-topping Papa John’s pizza if you correctly guess the coin toss during the Super Bowl.

Just visit the Papa John’s Coin Toss and choose heads or tails to enter to win before February 2, 2013.  Then watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3.  If you’ve called the coin toss correctly, you’ll get an e-mail on Monday, February 4 with a promotion code good for a large one-topping pizza at Papa John’s. If you didn’t win, you’ll still get a special coupon in your inbox.  Your free pizza (or promotional coupon) must be redeemed by March 10, 2013.

You’re thinking it’s a 50-50 chance of getting a free pizza, right?  Maybe.  But it could be better than that!  You can only enter once per person, but up to 4 people (ages 13 and up) can enter per household.  So make sure to cast at least one vote for “heads” and then have another family member cast one for “tails” and your house will be getting a free pizza.

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