Free Reading of The Mitten Online Plus Activities

The MittenEnjoy a beloved classic holiday story with a free reading of The Mitten online plus free activities to do with your kids.

Check out The Mitten page on Barnes & and then scroll down to the little video box (labeled “The Mitten-3”) under the book description for a free reading of The Mitten online. You’ll be able to see the beautiful illustrations in the book while it is read out loud by author Jan Brett.

The Mitten is a beautifully illustrated story adapted from a Ukrainian folktale that tells the story of a mitten dropped in the snow which becomes a refuge for a series of woodland animals. Not only is the story entertaining, it lends itself to fun and educational activities you can do with your child.

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Check out some of these activities for The Mitten:

Put the animals in the mitten.  Print out these adorable animals and mitten from author Jan Brett’s website.  Then have the kids color them, make the mitten, and tuck the animals inside.

For an alternate take, you can have kids lace up their own mittens,  or make a mitten from a paper sack.

If you’d rather use technology, Econedlink has an online activity for The Mitten that allows you to place the animals inside the mitten in the proper sequence.

Act out the story of The Mitten.  Print these beautiful animal masks from The Mitten and your kids can pretend they are the animals from the book.  Or print out adorable free story props  and a story wheel to retell the tale while working on beginning sounds and words. Print coloring pages and more.

Making Learning Fun has a collection of free printable coloring pages, math-inspired activities  for The Mitten and more.  In addition, Jan Brett’s website has printable The Mitten coloring pages.

You could make any variety of mitten crafts or bake up some mitten-shaped sugar cookies after reading the story.  The only limit is your imagination.

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