How to Make Beaded Bubble Wands and Homemade Bubble Solution

How to make Beaded Bubble Wands and Homemade Bubble Solution

Planning ahead for outdoors in the spring? Or maybe you are like me and let your kids have fun blowing bubbles indoors during all those cold and snowy days off from school.

Making these beaded bubble wands  and homemade bubble solution was a fun project for the kids to do. You creativity is only limited by your imagination and supplies. So have fun creating!

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How to Make Beaded Bubble WandsSupplies for beaded bubble wands

The only supplies you need are some wire. We did a double width wand because the wire was not strong enough for a single width. We measured out 18″ of wire to create the size of wands pictured here and cut them with some jewelry wire cutters, but any wire cutters will be fine.

Start out by making the making the loop that you will blow bubbles out of and twist the wire around itself as shown in the photo on the right.How to make Beaded Bubble Wands

Next, get an idea where the bottom will be so you know how many beads to put on before you add your decorative statement bead like we did, of course this is completely optional, but if you are doing a double width you will want to twist it at the bottom like we did to give it more stability.Making the beaded bubble wands

Now it is time to fill your wire with beads until you get to the bottom where you will do what I described above.

Then if you are doing a double width like we did you will fill up the second side with beads.

Be sure you have left enough wire so you can wrap it around at the top.

This will secure the beads in place as well as offering stability.

Kids Making Beaded Bubble Wands

 How to Make Homemade Bubble Solution

Ingredients for Homemade Bubble SolutionThis is the same homemade bubble recipe I have shared over at Save Green Being Green in the past. And because it is such an awesome recipe and THRIFTY I wanted to make the readers over at Northern Cheapskate have it too!

Homemade Bubbles

  • 1 qt. water
  • 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid
  • 1/4 cup corn syrup

Directions: Stir all together and pour into containers. Have fun!

Kids blowing bubbles

Just some picture of my kids blowing bubbles – Indoors! Because, let’s face it – it has been a long winter in MN and we long to get outside or at least do outdoor things.

We kept the bubbles to the kitchen since I would be washing the tables and floors anyways. We can’t wait to get back outside to blow bubbles.

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    I’ll be saving this for summer. Thanks for the bubble recipe too! All the other ones I’ve seen require glycerin, which I don’t have. I do have an old bottle of corn syrup though which would be perfect for this.

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