How to Organize Accessories on a Budget

How to Organize AccessoriesOne of my recent projects has been my master bedroom closet.  With use by two of us each day for over 15 years, it has taken a beating.

It is not a huge space – it is considered a walk-in, but it is more of a turn-sideways-and-slide-in-so you can see what you need to find and get out kind of situation.  With the original builder white paint all scuffed up, my first step was to paint.

Then came the fun part – figuring out how to organize accessories on a budget! We don’t have a lot of space for accessories.  There is a space by the door where hanging clothes would obstruct the door, so we use that area for our accessories.  Previously, it was all a mess and not very pretty.  Since I believe form and function can successfully marry, my goal was to create an attractive way to be able to see everything at once.

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branch necklace holder

I absolutely feel in love with Simple Design’s idea for a branch necklace holder  – Gorgeous!  I love that I can see everything, nothing gets tangled and it is almost like a decoration it is so pretty!  Plus, I love the organic element the tree branch adds to the space.  Even at 6 am this makes me smile.

simple DIY earring display

This is my version I Heart Organizing’s simple DIY jewelry display (sorry, I am too lazy to stage mine – this is what mine really looks like all the time).  I followed Jen’s instructions, finding my frame at Goodwill and spray painting the metal and frame a flat black.  I love that I can see the wall color behind the earring holder.  I used some leftover storage to store my bracelets and I added some lightweight metal to make hooks for things that did not have a way to attach to the metal (mine was the light wire for scrapbooking and card making).

I put my stud earrings into a small dish (the bottom right of the photo).  I don’t have that many and it works fine to grab what I need from the bowl.

ring storage

I put my rings on 3M Command Hooks on the small wall with the light switch.  You can see the bowl with the smaller earrings better in this picture, too.  The wooden S was made by my husband in middle school.  He wanted to keep it, so I figured we might as well display it!

how to organize ties

Below the jewelry is the wire shelving original to the closet.  As much as I would love to ditch it and get a custom system, that is not in the budget right now.  So, I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with a creative tie storage option using the wire shelving.  I simply folded the ties and set them over the wires!  I think it looks great and it beats those ties handing down over my head all the time.  We also have a wire basket that attaches to the shelf.  I rolled up my husband’s belts for safe and easy-to- see storage.

So far I love the changes and they are making our mornings run a little bit more smoothly.

Now it’s your turn:  How do you store your accessories?

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