How to Save Money on Apple Products

How to Save Money on Apple ProductsWhen it comes to computers and gadgets, we’ve become an Apple family.  Our love affair started slowly with an iPod, then an iPad, then a MacBook, and now the only PC we have in the house is an old dusty one that needs to be cleaned off before it can be recycled.

While we love our Apple and Mac products, one thing we don’t love is the price.  If you’ve shopped for Apple products, you know what I mean.  The prices are fixed.  You can visit 10 different stores online and in person and the price on an Apple item won’t vary by more than a few cents.

So what’s an Apple lover to do?  We’ve got some tips for how to save money on Apple products.

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How to Save Money on Apple Products

Shop through Ebates.  Ebates is a shopping website that gives you cash back on your purchases when you shop through them.  It’s free and easy to use Ebates, and you can earn 1 percent cash back on your purchases at Apple, 2 percent at MacMall and up to 6% cash back at major retailers that sell Apple gear.

Buy refurbished.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can save 10 percent or more by buying a used Apple product from an authorized reseller.  These refurbished products often come with a short warranty and can be a great way to save on your favorite Apple gadgets. Look for Apple certified products and be sure to read the fine print to determine restrictions on returns and warranties.

Shop through MacMall.  MacMall is one of the top places to buy Apple products because you’ll find new and refurbished products at a discount of 10 percent or more. Sign up for MacMall e-mail alerts to be notified of special sales and promotions and  remember to shop at MacMall through Ebates and you’ll save even more.

Take advantage of education discounts.  If you’re a teacher or a student, shop through the Apple Education Store to save on your Apple purchases. You can save as much as $200 off the purchase of a new Mac computer. Note: Not every product qualifies for the education discount, and you will need to be able to provide proof that you are an educator or a student.  In edition, Apple usually offers a back-to-school special for students and educators (usually in the form of App Store credit) that can make fall a great time to buy.

Cash in your old gadgets.  Apple will give you money for recycling your gently used electronics, whether they are Apple products or not.  Other retailers like Best Buy also give store credit for recycled gadgets.  This can be a way to shave a little bit off the purchase price of a new Apple product.

Watch sales at discount retailers.  It’s rare to see the price drop on Apple products at major retailers, but they will periodically offer special gift card promotions throughout the year.  Check out places like Target, Walmart and Best Buy to see if they’re offering store gift cards when you buy Apple products.  These promotions are popular during the back-to-school sales, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and the Christmas shopping season.

The discounts you’ll find aren’t huge, but you can save money on Apple products if you know where to look.

What are some ways you save money on Apple?

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  1. Danielle O. says

    I selected my university since I am a college student, but the prices are no different than they normally at :(

    • says

      Some products are excluded, Danielle. And sometimes the promotion varies. Right now I think students/educators get an App store credit with their purchase. Not as good as money off your bill, but a good deal if you were planning to get software.

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