How to Turn 2 T-shirts Into a Dress

How to Turn 2 T-Shirts Into a Dress

My daughter is always wearing dresses or skirts and we seem to never have enough of them. This project allows you to turn 2 t-shirts into a dress with a little creativity and an afternoon.

This project consisted of 2 parts. First, we did a Sharpie Tie Dye effect on the top (we used a new t-shirt).

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You can use any t-shirt that fits your child for the top. I chose one in the next size up and planned the skirt length accordingly so that she grows in to it. She can wear it longer now and it will be to the knee later. For the bottom, you need a t-shirt that is about 3 sizes bigger, so that it can gather at the waist and not cling to the child. I used a women’s t-shirt that used to be mine.

How to turn 2 t-shirts into a dress

In this picture, you can see the size difference between the t-shirts.

After you have picked out your t-shirts, you need to cut the larger one so that you have your desired dress length. If possible, have the child put on the top and measure down from the bottom of the top to where you want the bottom of the dress to hit. Take that measurement and add 1.5″ to it.

Then going up from the hem at the bottom of the larger t-shirt, measure out your length and cut straight across. The bottom hem of your larger t-shirt will become the bottom hem of your dress. (Less sewing!)

How to make a dress from 2 t-shirts

This next step is to create the gather at the top of the skirt portion. Change the tension on your machine so that it is quite loose, this will make it easier to pull the thread and create the gather. Stitch a single line 1/2″ from the edge across the front and back separately, this will make it easier to make your gathers without the thread breaking.

How to make a dress from 2 t-shirts

This picture illustrates how your stitch will look. To create the gather, tug on the top loose strand and work the fabric to the center of the material. Do this from both side of the front and then repeat with the back side. Keep gathering in your fabric until it matches the sides of your top t-shirt.


This picture illustrates how you want to match up the widths of the sides.

I did space out my gathers a little more before attaching the top to the bottom as I was pinning them together.

How to Turn 2 T-Shirts Into a Dress

This picture illustrates how the pieces are pinned together so that you can see which sides are facing which.

Turn your t-shirt inside out but leave your skirt right side out. Stuff the skirt inside the top so that right sides are facing each other and the top of the skirt and bottom of the top are lined up. As you can see in the picture, then the bottom of the skirt will be laying against the inside of the shoulders of the top. Pin in to place where the top of the skirt and bottom of the top meet. Double stitch about the perimeter at 3/4.” Then turn right side out and see the dress you just made!


This picture just shows how the dress looks laying flat and you can see how it fits my daughter in the picture  below:

How to Turn 2 T-Shirts Into A Dress

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    That dress looks cute on your daughter and is probably very comfortable. I never thought of making a dress out of two tee shirts–very creative.

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