Making Christmas Gifts: Doorway Puppet Theater

Make your own puppet theaterMost kid love puppets. I know mine do and have quite the collection of puppets. My daughter even has a wooden tabletop puppet theater that my parents made her, but she isn’t fond of sharing it with her brother. Plus, it can tip easily if a toddler bumps in to it the wrong way.

My solution was to design a doorway puppet theater using items I had around the house that were leftover or not in use. I chose to sew my project, but you could easily do this without any sewing at all and you may just have everything you need laying around your house.

To make this without sewing, just look through your linen closet for some short curtains or a valance and use some ribbon or yarn for tie-backs. And for the rod I just used a tension rod I found shoved in to a corner in the basement that was not being used. If you don’t have a tension rod laying around, you can buy one inexpensively from Target for Wal-Mart for just a few dollars.

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Sewing the curtains for the puppet theater

I didn’t have any short curtains hanging around my house, but I do have lots of leftover fabric. Both fabrics were leftover from other projects (children’s chair re-cover and pillowcase).

I stitched a quick tie back together, but you could make a tie back with a variety of different things like ribbon, yarn, shoe lace, pipe cleaner, etc. I used some sticky-backed velcro that I had to be able to secure the ends together.

You can see the final product in the upper right photo.  I bought a storage container that doubles as a stage and a container to hold all of my son’s puppet.

Total spent on this project was just over $4 for a storage container that was on sale.

Now he will have his own puppet theater to put on show for us and it can easily be set up in any standard doorway and put away without taking up a lot of room.  Create a simple and fun  5-headed monster puppet to go with this puppet theater without any sewing.

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