Progress Report: Turn Clutter Into Cash Challenge

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I had no idea when I started the Turn Clutter Into Cash Challenge a couple of weeks ago that my life would be as hectic as it would be.

Every weekend has had either something kid-related or work-related to do – and some of them out of town, no less!  Then we’ve had sick kids and homework and all the usual day-to-day business.

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So… I’m a little bit behind schedule on the Turn Clutter Into Cash Challenge.

I have made some progress, however.   I have sold three things in a local Facebook group and made $47.   It was very easy to sell the items.  All of them sold within minutes of posting them.   And the people were very nice.  The hardest part was coordinating a time to make the exchange.  I wanted to make sure to maximize my trip to town so that it wasn’t the only reason I was making the 28-mile trip.

Because our schedule has been so busy, I haven’t listed anything else and won’t until next week.  But I have made a list of the things (mostly old toys) that I planning to sell and will take photos of the items as I find little blocks of time.  Then when I’m ready to sell them, the descriptions and photos will be ready to go and all I have to do is post them.

Next week, I’ll also be bringing in some items to donate – mostly clothing and books.  I could probably sell some of them if I wanted to take the time, but honestly, it just feels better to donate them.   I’ll try to remember to get receipts for tax purposes.

How is the Turn Clutter Into Cash Challenge going for you?  Have you gotten rid of some stuff?  Have you made any cash?

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Christina is a wife and mother dedicated to figuring out how to live a simpler, happier life on a budget.


  1. says

    I mainly sell on ebay because my little guy (toddler) keeps me so busy but have sold a few items. I’m hoping my bigger ticket items sell soon though because it is so exciting, encouraging, and it helps pay the bills! :)
    If you don’t mind I would like to post a way for people to follow my sales through instagram. My name on instagram is queenoffacepainting. I’m a face painter as well so I advertise my face painting designs and ebay sales. I hope this will encourage some of you all who are looking for ways to make extra income! As I am always trying to find ways that earn income but won’t rob my valuable time with my family.

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