Save More Money with Energy Rebates

I’m not a huge fan of spending money to save money, but in the case of replacing old, outdated appliances, I think the expense is worth it.  I also think it’s worth the money to replace those regular light bulbs with CFLs.

By replacing old appliances with new, more energy efficient models and swapping out our lightbulbs, we’re saving about $40/month.

Now there are plenty of ways to save on major appliances, but it’s easy to forgot a couple of other ways to save money on saving energy: rebates and tax credits.

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Many Energy Star appliances qualify for rebates. has a searchable database of available rebates.  You should also check with your local utility company – many of them offer credit on your utility bill when you purchase a qualifiying Energy Star appliance.   We’ve gotten money-saving rebates on everything from our dishwasher to our central air conditioning.

Some of these energy rebates aren’t just on appliances either.  Ask your utility company about rebates on compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED Christmas lights.

To make sure you will get the rebate, do your homework.  Know exactly what types of appliances and specific models will qualify.  Keep all of your receipts and paperwork. If you’re trying to get a rebate on CFLs or LED Christmas lights, save the packaging with the receipt: you’ll need the UPC to show proof of purchase.

There are also many federal tax credits available for home improvements that will make your home more energy efficient.  You may be able to get as much as a $1,500 tax credit for things like new windows and doors or improving insulation.  Check out the requirements for the tax credit at the EnergyStar website.

By making the switch to Energy Star appliances, switching to CFLs, and taking care of our home, we’re able to not only save money on our monthly energy bills, but feel good about doing something positive for the environment.

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