Tips and Tricks to Dress Up Your Holiday Style

Tips and Tricks to Dress Up Your Holiday Style

Not all of us have the budget for a special holiday outfit or outfits. I often buy myself a new sweater that I can wear to most holiday functions I have to go to and then continue to wear it for the rest of winter, but save the first wears for those holiday dinners and parties.

I am going to share a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years and from friends that can have you take that one new outfit you through the season or update an old outfit so that it seems new again without spending more money.

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 Tips and Tricks to Dress Up Your Holiday Style

1) Wear a Noticeable LipstickDress Up Your Holiday Style with Lipstick

These first couple tricks I learned from my friend Janna (She’s so smart! She is the one who gave me the recipe for the Homemade Fabric Refresher!) One day I saw her and complimented her on looking pretty and she thanked me and admitted she was conducting a social experiment with the theory being that if you put on a noticeable lipstick people think you look nice even if you are wearing the same old clothes (I may be paraphrasing or just remembering how my brain interpreted the conversation.) I am amazed because to this day I think of how pretty her face looked and have no idea what she was wearing. And you know what, many times I just put on some red lipstick I am told that I look so nice.

2) Wear Noticeable Earrings

Then a few weeks later I complimented her again, but this time her social experiment was to see if people thought you looked nice when you added a pair of noticeable earrings. Note, that I said noticeable for both tricks! Wear a lipstick that is more bold or earrings that are larger than you normally wear. Of course, if you normally wear bold lipstick or big earrings, this trick may not work for you.

3) Add a ScarfAdd some holiday sparkle with a fun scarf

You can dress up any plain long sleeve t-shirt or sweater just by adding a scarf. If you don’t already own a scarf, you can try making a Quick and Easy 3-Minute Handmade Scarf or one of these Ruffle Scarves. One day I went to a friend’s house and was wearing an old plain gray sweater and jeans, but I put on some red lipstick (see above) and my ruffle scarfand I was asked why I was dressed up so nice. And I was wearing a three-year-old sweater!

4) Put on a Skirt, Dress, or Dress Pants

It is surprising how many people think you are dressed up when you put on a skirt or a dress, even if they are not very dressy. Dress pants work well too. Having a quality-made pair of black dress pants that are a classic cut are a good investment and are appropriate in many situations and can last you for years.

5) Add a Little Glitter to Your ShoesDress Up Your Holiday Style with Glitter

I did this with my daughter’s shoes because they were quite scuffed at the ends, but they instantly added some pizzazz and made her feel like she had a new pair of shoes. You could add the glitter to the heel as well. Just glue and glitter! If glitter is not your thing, a small ribbon bow glued or clipped on to your pumps can really change the look of them.

6) Change up your hair

If you normally wear your hair up, try wearing it down. I often gets comments asking why I am dressed up when I wear my hair down since it is often in a ponytail. If you wear your hair down (or even if up is your preference), put it up in a braid or a twist. Braids of all kinds are very in vogue right now. I really like my up-do that I have in this picture.

What tips do you have to dress up your holiday wardrobe using things you already own?

About Jessica Shallow-Miller

Jessica is a crafty stay-at-home mom of two, who tries to find ways to save money while being green. She is also the author of the blog Save Green Being Green.


  1. says

    A friend once told me, the only accessory you need is a clear complexion (absolutely talking about make-up here, hehehe). It makes any outfit look like a million bucks.

    • says

      Thanks Nancy. I have realized that now if I don’t put eye makeup on I look my age. So, for the time being a little makeup (IMHO) makes me look a little younger. Sounds like what you are telling me is when I get even older I need makeup to actually look my age and not even older still. Oye!

  2. shelly says

    Hey Jess ~ Let’s see if it makes a difference at book group this month! See if I remember to get some bold lipstick! :-)

  3. Sindy Murray says

    I like the idea of putting glitter on shoes, I do try to fix my hair different than other days (no ponytail) I wear lip balm and mascara!

  4. says

    LOL. My daughter is already asking me what shoes she can put glitter on… She’s like her mom when it comes to arts and crafts. Unfortunately I am not as fashionable as she is. Thanks so much for the tips for the seasonal parties. I’m gonna try the lipstick and earrings for sure. Merry Christmas!

  5. Pam H. says

    I love the idea of adding glitter to shoes. I would add a statement necklace to your list. This fashion trend is huge right now, and really changes any look in an instant.

  6. says

    Love it, as a mom I am always so concerned getting all the kids looking perfect that I usually end up in sweats. I’ll use some of these tips this year:)

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