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Make money with your mobile device

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I happened to be watching Tech Bytes on Good Morning America last week when two new apps caught my eye.

Gigwalk and EasyShift are two new apps that can help you earn some extra cash.  These apps are available for free download for your iPhone or Android device. (Update: Only Gigwalk is on Android at this time.)

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I added these two free apps to my iPhone  shortly after I saw the news segment. There weren’t any money-earning opportunities  in my local area (I do live in the woods, after all!), but it does seem like there are enough “gigs” and “shifts” in larger metropolitan areas to pick up some extra cash.

Many of the tasks you’re asked to complete seem pretty simple –  i.e. price checking a specific brand of yogurt or taking a photo of a store display.  The price paid for each task varies depending on what’s required.  Most of the tasks are mystery shopping-types of opportunities, but it can really vary by region.  When I looked, most tasks paid anywhere from $3 to $8, but there are opportunities out there that pay $50 or more.  Both services pay you via Paypal; Easyshift claims to pay in less than 48 hours of completing your task.

Gigwalk and EasyShift also let you build a reputation, so the more that you do, and do well, the more opportunities for earning you’ll have.

Check out the tasks you can get paid for through these apps.  You may find that you can pick up some extra spending money while you’re out running your regular errands.  Use your earnings to chip away at your debt or use it to start saving for the holidays or a special vacation.

Have you used Gigwalk or EasyShift?  What did you think?

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      I haven’t tried it in my area yet – but I know from past mystery shopping experiences that sometimes stores can give you a hard time. I guess you have to decide if you want to risk that.

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