Waiting for Spring Takes Patience

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring: Soon I’ll be able to get to my clothesline again.

When you’re a cheapskate who loves frugal things like gardening and line-drying clothes, waiting for spring takes patience.

We finally hit temperatures above 50 degrees for the first time in six months here in northern Minnesota.  It’s hard waiting for spring when there are so many frugal things I could be doing.

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I almost trudged through the wet snow to hang clothes on my clothesline earlier this week.  But then I thought of how much I dislike standing in muddy, wet snow, and how much less I would like it if I accidentally dropped clean laundry into it, and I held off.  The day for hanging a load of clothes out on the line is coming.  I can feel it.

garden in spring

Waiting for spring: I know I’ll get to plant things in my garden eventually, but it’s hard to be patient.

I also gave my two little garden plots a longing glance.  We’re still seeing temps in the 20s at night, and I’ve been a Minnesotan long enough to know that there are still plenty of opportunities for snow left in April.  So until then, I’m playing with all the free online garden planners and day dreaming of playing in the dirt.

In the meantime, I’m making a list of all the things I need to do spring clean the inside of my house.  I’ve got some major decluttering to do in my closets.  My windows could also use a good washing.

I’m also reminded of all the things there are to enjoy that don’t involve spending a dime.  I’m talking about the simple pleasures like seeing all of the squirrels and chipmunks bounding from tree to tree, and hearing the birds as they call to each other.   I’m enjoying the sun on my face and the warm breeze at my back.

After a long winter, the start of the spring season gives me new energy.  I’m already working on plans for the summer months and looking for ways to save money while enjoying the upcoming season.

Are you still waiting for spring where you are?

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Christina is a wife and mother dedicated to figuring out how to live a simpler, happier life on a budget.


  1. says

    Your picture of the cloths line made me smile. It could have been taken in my backyard in central Maine. For the past two days, I have braved the mud and ice to hang laundry. Yesterday, it was sheets, and how wonderfully fresh they smelled last night. Spring is coming!

  2. Jeannine says

    Like you, I can hardly wait to hang the first batch of bedding on the clothesline and put it right back on the bed. aaaaahhhhhhhhh

  3. Patricia D says

    I love all your wonderful tips! Something I’ve done, with some sucess, was to put an extra shower curtain tension rod over the middle of my bath tub. We used the closet rod end cups screwed into the wall (with silicone so it wouldn’t leak into the walls) to hold the weight of the laundry. I just hang the clothes on their hangers & leave them overnight. Doesn’t hold much but I can hang the jeans etc that take so long to dry.

  4. Elizabeth says

    I know how you feel. I finally hung sheets out to dry yesterday on the clothesline and it felt so good! Spring is definitely in the air…

  5. Tanja says

    I have been looking at my clothesline, too. And finally the snow receded around it. So if the weather will hold up the next few days, I will be using it. But during the long winter I did not need to use my dryer to often, thanks to something similar to the Wire-World-Vulcano-Dryer. I grew up with those, and had a very hard time finding those over here ( I just dislike the clothes drying racks you can find in the stores), but was finally able to buy one on amazon. My electric bill is usually $20- $30 less and my whole house smells like fabric softener to boot. Win/ Win situation for me

    • says

      That’s excellent, Tanja! I must admit, that I use my dryer more in the winter, but I do have a retractable clothesline and a small drying rack I could be using.

      I think I’m looking forward to summer most of all – No socks! And much less layers of clothing to wash!

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