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I’ve been collecting a lot of good reads from my feed reader – so I’ll skip the witty banter and cut to the chase – Go read these:

Money Saving Mom has a great post on How to Save Money on Meals While on Vacation.  These tips can help save you money and help you deal with picky eaters!

The elephant in the room shouldn’t be ignored. Read  Like the Latte Factor. Only Better at Sustainable Personal Finance.

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There are many people out there who think that Macs are perfect computers.  They are great – I love my MacBook, but they are not free of issues (mine’s been through TWO logic boards while under warranty).  All Mac people should read Mac Flash Trojan: Find Out if You’re Infected and What to Do About It at Mashable.   And PC folks, no gloating… this is nothing compared to the constant attacks on your computers! Update: It looks like Mac has released a security update that will also remove the trojan.

Three Thrifty Guys address a situation I will have to face once day soon.  Read Are You a Digital Hoarder? for info on how digital clutter can affect your life.

Wise Bread has a great list of 18 Ways to Make Old Things Seem New.  I love figuring out ways to make stuff last!

I’ve written a few more posts over at Finances…Your Way that I think are worth a read.  Check out Why Clutter is Bad for Your Bottom Line and Why It’s Good Not to Be a Trend-Setter.

Are you missing part of a toy?  Baby Cheapskate has compiled an extensive guide to How to Find Replacement Parts for Your Kids’ Toys.

Sometimes we all try to cram a bit too much into our day.  Does that sound like you? Then read My Latest Time Management Hang-Up at Blogging with Amy.

Mandi over at Life…Your Way is gearing up for the big 3-0 with a fabulous series entitled 30 days of 30.  You should read every post in the series. Really.

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