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I don’t know what it is about the month of May, but it is one of the busiest months of our entire year!  I try really hard to keep any commitments to a minimum, but despite my efforts stuff just crops up that needs to be done!  I’m already looking forward to a calmer month of June.

In the meantime, here is a collection of things you should check out:

Leo from Zen Habits shares The 39th Lesson he has learned in his 39 years.  It’s a pretty good lesson, and one that all of us need to be reminded of.

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I’ve been seeing a pattern of excess when it comes to birthday parties and graduation parties.  So I wasn’t surprised (although I was saddened) by A Child’s Religious Celebration: A Chance to Show Off? over at Bible Money Matters.

Remember how we used to get mailed an estimate of future Social Security benefits.  Well, now all that info is online. Read Come and Get It: Your Estimated Social Security Benefit is now Online over at the AARP Blog.

I was considering buying my oldest a Leapster game a few years ago, and a friend kept telling me that I should consider alternatives.  He was right, and so is Jeff in his post Cheap Alternative Video Games for Kids at My Super-Charged Life.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do something with our downstairs family room. It’s a big, L-shaped space, and every time I look at it, all I see is the clutter.  I’m thinking I really should try to start a full-room organizing project with a blank canvas as suggested by Erin at Unclutterer.

I have always been a huge fan of JCPenney.  That is until they changed to their new way of pricing and holding sales.  I truly believe the company is destroying itself, and it makes me sad since JCPenney is one of the few department stores in my area where I shop for clothing.  My fears were fanned this week when I read JCPenney Employee: ‘I Fear We’re Turning Into Sears’ at The Consumerist. 

And on a totally unrelated note: Northern Cheapskate reader Michaela Debelius has written her first e-book, entitled Decoy (A Noel Casey Novel).  Her paranormal romance novel is available at Amazon for just $.99 (and remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read it – just your computer or a smartphone!).

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