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I’m definitely feeling a little stressed out as we approach the holiday season.  There’s so much to do around the house, at the boys’ school and on the blog.  I’m trying very hard to remind myself that I am just one person.  That’s why I thought I’d share these great posts with you:

Wise Bread shares tips for Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff. Learn more about the fiscal cliff and what it means for you.

I’ve often referred to getting out of debt as a marathon and not a sprint.  Surviving and Thriving offers up 5 Ways Saving for Retirement is Like Running a Marathon.

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When you are struggling with debt, it can be really hard to accept the generosity of others.  Read What My Debt Has Taught Me About Receiving Gifts at My Personal Finance Journey.

I found myself nodding my head in agreement with much of In Defense of Simple Pleasures at The Non-Consumer Advocate.

As we enter the throes of the holiday shopping season, Simple Organized Living reminds us of The Saving Power of Waiting 24 Hours.

Free From Broke has 4 Steps to Make Sure You Are Financially Protected from the Next Natural Disaster – a great reminder of what things we can be doing now.

I’ve read a lot about saving money, but it’s not often that I read something like Finding the Best Deals on Guitars. Yes, I’m Cheap has some solid advice for those who want to pick up a six-string this holiday season.

The Festival of Frugality is full of some fabulous personal finance advice on everything from student loans to refinancing your mortgage. Northern Cheapskate is honored to be included in this week’s festival, which was hosted by My Personal Finance Journey.

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