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I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the holidays and all I can say is “Whew!”  It feels like I’m trying to shovel snow during a blizzard.  I did take a break from my to-do list with a little web surfing and wanted to share some of my favorite finds this week:

TentBlogger has a beautiful post reminding us that we are all Dispensable.  We could all use a dose of humble pie now and then.

I get a lot of email.  I mean a lot.  Unclutterer has an excellent post on Four Steps to Uncluttered Email that has me rethinking how I send email.  And if everyone else would rethink email, just think how much nicer our inboxes would be!

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It’s that time of year when we’re asked to give what we can. Read my post 3 Things to Consider Before Giving to a Charity at Money Your Way.

For all of you outdoor enthusiasts, Go Explore Nature has an excellent Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days of Nature Fun

I try to avoid writing about politics, but I couldn’t agree more with Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago? at Free Money Finance.  As I’ve often told my son, “You worry about you.”

Money may not be everything, but sometimes it counts for a lot. Read Fact of Life (And Business): You Get What You Pay For at Dollarversity.

Are you saving a ton of money at the stores this holiday season?  Free From Broke reminds us that Spending Less is NOT the Same as Saving Money.

Happy Reading!

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