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We got stuck inside for most of the weekend because of an ice storm.  I’ve never been so happy to have a stocked pantry and freezer!

I suppose I could have use my time at home to actually clean the house, but instead I spent time online.   Here are a few of the interesting reads I found:

The holiday season brought a deluge of toys in our home.

Now that I have three boys in school, I am amazed at the amount of paper that comes home with them.  So I found some great tips in the post Organizing Resolutions: How to Organize School Work over at Ask Anna. I especially liked her idea for dealing with artwork.

If you have a school-aged child with special needs, Issues and Questions to Discuss When You Go To Your Next IEP Meeting at autism sucks is a must-read.  The author is from Australia, but the advice is good no matter where you live.

House plants can help create ambiance and act as natural air filters.  I’m a house plant killer, so I liked the idea of being able to find The Best Cheap Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality at Wise Bread.  If I’m going to kill them anyway, I want my house plants to be affordable.

Trent at The Simple Dollar shares how The Alternative List can help you make positive purchase decisions.

And finally here’s a funny cartoon from Randy Glasbergen. Be sure to check out his other cartoons about budgeting, the economy and more.

Happy Reading!

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1 Sofia Finnegan January 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm

Thanks for sharing this. Good thing when the ice storm came you have a stock pantry. It would be horrific not to have food during that time.


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